Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another Year

We are celebrating the birth of our first born son. He turns 18. Trust me...I am way too young to have an 18 year old!!! The young man wanted meat and more meat for his birthday meal... so I obliged and made Italian Beef Subs. I also made a cheesecake with fresh strawberries. I am sure the resident health nut will eat a piece of his birthday cake...well, at least I hope he will. I did notice him splurging on some Captain Crunch cereal this morning, but never fear, I did make a huge omelet to fill up his growling birthday stomach! And just last week, the resident health nut won a huge weight lifting competition for his weight class. It was a big deal, and to say the least he was thrilled. Do you know what he wants for his birthday? He wants to take Mix Martial Arts class. You know the one where they can kick, hit, judo chop, and wrestle you to the death or at least until you "tap out". Now somehow I just don't see that fitting into my peaceful home. I can hear all my boys going at it!!! It ought to be fun and exciting and LOUD!!! Such is the life of a momma with 4 boys and 1 sweet girl!
grace and peace,


Unknown said...

boys a plenty will be responding, no doubt. she has been there, seen it, and still doing it, hahaha. i know you are proud and i would be too, but 18, oh those wings are getting bigger.

Boysaplenty!! said...

Yep, Kay knows me too well Julie! I was reading your blog and it felt like I was reading my own writings!! The only difference is my sweet little girl is the oldest and no longer at home....gee I sure miss having another female around! Boys definitely are FULL of life and noise!! They break things all the time too! However, I wouldn't trade having my boys for girls-maybe wishing I would have had more babies, boys or girls! Anyway, a big Happy Birthday to Matthew! Savor the moments! By the way, your pictures look great!

Paige said...

Haha, I'm sure they'll have lots of fun! I can't believe that he's 18 already! I'm starting to feel old.

And btw, excellent choice on the Italian Subs. Dan and I made them the other day and polished off the whole roast in a day and a half--just the two of us!

Paige said...

And I just saw that you already responded to my previous raving over your Italian Beef recipe, lol.