Friday, June 13, 2008

The How's and Why's of Freezing Cabbage

I spent some time yesterday afternoon freezing our cabbage. This is an easy job that requires little expense other than freezer bags. You may be wondering why I would freeze cabbage. After all it is cheap in the grocery store. The reason I do it is it is cheap and convenient to put up our own. Plus I know that there won't suddenly be a cabbage recall due to some nasty disease. I like to know where my food has been and who has handled it. Let's get started....

First, select solid green heads with crisp leaves. Wash and discard the coarse outer leaves. Cut the head into wedges. While doing this, cut out the core. Scald wedges in hot boiling water for 3 minutes. Cool. (I cool mine in a sink full of cold water). Drain and pack into freezer bags. (I use either quart size bags or gallon size bags). Freeze.

I use this cabbage to add to soups of all kinds. It is a great addition to any vegetable soup. You don't even have to thaw it...just grab out the amount you want and add it straight to the pot.

I also use frozen cabbage to make Fried Cabbage. Take the frozen cabbage and let it thaw for a bit. Place in skillet with about 2 tablespoons butter or bacon grease. Add about 1/4 cup of water so it doesn't burn. Cook on medium high stirring often. I use a couple of tablespoons sugar, salt, and pepper to add some flavor during the cooking time. When the cabbage is almost done, I sprinkle some Cayenne Pepper on it to add a bit of zing!!

grace and peace,


Marci said...

I never thought of freezing cabbage. Sounds good to me. I want to make some kraut too. My husband loves it, and I can eat it. =)

Anonymous said...

I never knew or herd of freezing it. I just made fried cabbage the other day. I added a little oyster sauce and it tasted like the cabbage from a chinese restaruant. It was yummy.

TnFullQuiver said...

Marci and Southernmom,
Many people have never heard of freezing cabbage. It is so easy! Hope you both enjoy having another summer bounty stashed away in your freezer.
grace and peace,

myshado said...

Can you use the same method for leaves I want to use it for stuffed cabbages down the road. How long can you freeze cabbage Thanks and blessings for your help

Anonymous said...

I am freezing my cabbage now, and using a Food Saver with vacuum bags. My problem is that certain foods, like the cabbage, have so much water in between the leaves (even after draining and patting dry with towels) that my seal won't keep the air out of the bags. It will look like it vacuumed and sealed, only to refill with air, causing ice to form when put in the freezer. This happens with broccoli too. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Love your site. I freeze coleslaw too.

Stacey-jean in the Philippines

paizley said...

Try drying your cabbage leaves with a towel after shaking most of the water off or even lining your food saver bags with a paper towel.

Unknown said...

A coworker of mine said she seent back 2 foodsavers because she thought they were broken since her zuchinni wouldn't seal well. Finally she called food saver and they told her that due to the water content of zuchinni you need to "flash freeze" it first then vac seal it. Perhaps this will work with your cabbage? Line a baking sheet with parchhment paper and allow the cabbage to freeze in a single layer. Once frozen, pack your bags and seal.