Thursday, January 01, 2009

I CAN'T Wait Until Tomorrow!!

Last Sunday I drove my mom back to Kentucky after her week long visit with us. After getting back home, I let Missy outside to play with two of our boys. I sat down for just a minute and Jacob came running in the house saying that Missy had been hit by a car. He was rather calm, and I wasn't for sure that he was serious. Before I could question him, Missy came hobbling into our home with blood everywhere. I nearly passed out because I just don't do the whole blood thing. It was our daughter that got a towel and started trying to find the source of the blood. I stood at the top of the stairs screaming my head off at my husband to come and help us. His training in the Navy always helps him to be the calm in any storm in our life and he once again rose to the challenge. He calmly stopped the bleeding and decided that she did need vet care. We called the vet and loaded her up in the Suburban with Seth. He was so upset about Missy being hurt that we wanted him to come and see that she was getting good care.
Missy has remained at the vet's office every since then. Both of her back feet were run over, but one was really damaged. She has broken toes and a broken foot. Her leg has 2 deep holes that are causing the problem. There isn't enough meat left to stitch the holes back together. This has been the issue. Of course we are praying that infection won't come from this incident.
We are hoping to pick Missy up tomorrow. The vet told us that we would have to bring her in weekly for the next 6 weeks in order to put new splints on her foot. I can only imagine what this will all cost, but I am ready to get that big old dog back in our home. I pray that she has learned a lesson about chasing cars. Hopefully she will decide that car chasing just ain't worth the risk involved! The house has stayed so MUCH cleaner without her. It is amazing at how much work one dog can create. I guess it is because she weighs 177 pounds, but that isn't the point. The English Mastiff is by far my favorite breed of dog EVER, but I will never have another one after Missy. I am just glad I still have a few more years left to enjoy long as she stays out of the road!!
grace and peace,


Amy said...

I am so sorry, Julie. I will say a prayer for your sweet Missy.

God Bless,

closer2667 said...

one of my dear friends here in polk county, raises bull mastiffs. she somehow raises the most beautiful little girls and the most handsome young men if you ever decide you want another one. when the day comes that the Good Lord opens the door for me in TN i will have 2 of them and i can bring an extra pup for you'll?right now she only has 3 litters of 9 each and she has 3 females and 3 males. small family!yes i'm praying for little missy.

Boysaplenty!! said...

I know how it is when a pet that lives indoors gets hurt or sick. They become a member of the family! Praying for Missy and little Seth too.

Mountain Mama said...

An exciting day!!! Love on that little (actually big) girl when she gets home.

Hopefully she will heal/recover quickly. She will have great care with Seth at her side.

Tracy said...

Poor thing. Our dog got hit by a car once too--she pulled through, but had damage to her leg that had to heal.

It is amazing how animals can recover from these things.

Give her big hugs!

Tracy in Ky

Nancy said...

Well, did she dent the car? Or was she just running alongside it and it clipped her?

MJ doesn't chase cars at all, but she will occasionally stop right in front of someone coming up the driveway.

I'm so glad that your husband was home to help you with getting her to the vet. I would be a bawling mess if MJ was hurt and can't imagine trying to get her in the truck by myself if my helpers were all away for the day.

Hey, and I really like your categories and posts in your sidebar. Really nice! Can you update my blog to Lessons Learned on the Farm though? I'm not posting at The Unlikely Homesteader anymore.

TnFullQuiver said...

Thank you all for your prayers. I know for some an animal would seem like such a small thing in the overall picture of life, but our children do love this dog...not to mention myself.

I have been meaning to change that link. I will have Michael do that for me because I can't figure out how to do it myself. Thanks for the reminder! No, Missy didn't dent the lady's car, thank the Lord! I am hoping she won't be in the road again any time soon!
grace and peace,

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