Thursday, January 15, 2009

One of These Things Doesn't Belong

At our house, it doesn't seem to matter what we are doing we always end up with some extra help. Let me explain. Michael and Josh were working on fences so Sully and Violet decided to offer their expertise on fencing.
They have to make sure that the crimps are done properly. Sully is so bad about his inspection that he will lay his head on Michael's shoulders while Michael is working. You know a horse can't be too picky about fencing!

This is what I found when I went in the living room this morning. The obvious question is "why is Missy on the love seat?", but the next question is "why did Jacob not get started on his school?" My guess is that he stopped to love on Missy and was lulled back to sleep with her warmth and snuggles.
grace and peace,


Marci said...

We used to have a goat that did that sort of thing. One time Michael was leaning down to hammer a nail near the ground. She very gently butted her head up against his and started pushing. :)

I love the Jacob and Missy picture!! How is her leg doing?

Nancy said...

So cute to see the horses overseeing the fence repair. Our boys just had to do some repair on our fence as well. We would wake up every morning to find our old horse Billy right by the back door. I'm surprised that he just didn't knock on Jake's window to wake him up and bring him his hay & feed!

Missy looks like she's recovering well. I am SO happy! I wondered how a big dog like her could cope with a broken foot. Our Mary Jane is SUCH a big baby.

Paige said...

Haha...and I thought that our dog was a bit big to still be "allowed" to get on the furniture. She's such a sweetheart, you hate to say no!

Lynn Bartlett said...

Since the weather has been so cold we've allowed our German Shepherd to stay in the house (my husband is allergic to dogs and cats). We kept finding him on the couch at night, so I placed newspapers on the cushions to deter him like my Mom used to do with out dog when I was growing up. Samson must have gotten tired of not being able to sleep up there, as this morning the papers were pushed aside and he must have slept on the couch once again. He's such a sweetheart that I hate to get after him for it.

Country Whispers said...

Hello! I've got a blog award waiting for you. Come on over and get it!

closer2667 said...

what a presence fathers have with thier kids. my heart immediately went to the part of michael, the teacher! what a blessing that your children have role models that are always trying to please THE Fathers heart! well did sully give his opinion! little missy looks good.