Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Strawberry Butter

Our strawberries that we planted last month are doing wonderful. I am faithfully picking off the blooms during this first growing season. I think that one of the hardest things for me to do in the garden/orchard is to pick off the blooms of young plants/trees. I know it is best for the plant, but it seems counterproductive.

Since our strawberries won't be ready to pick until next year, I purchased a case of strawberries from a local farm. I spent part of the weekend making strawberry jam. I made 18 pints. I also have made several different desserts using strawberries. I have a wonderful looking recipe for a Baptist Pound cake. I may try that this afternoon. If it is as yummy as it looks, I will share the recipe in another post. We have eaten fresh strawberries until we are about to pop! I also made a batch of strawberry syrup to go with pancakes that my son made for Mother's Day Breakfast. I still was looking for something different to do with fresh strawberries and I remembered going to a restaurant in Ky. and eating Strawberry Butter. It was heavenly so I made a batch. This butter keeps well in the refrigerator, and it is great on homemade bread. Enjoy!!

Strawberry Butter
2 sticks of butter (not margarine), softened
1/2 to 3/4 cups of sliced fresh strawberries
1/4- 1/2cup powder sugar (depending on how sweet you want the butter)

Whip butter in a mixer until light and fluffy. Add strawberries and mix. Add powder sugar. Mix.
Add one more stick of COLD butter cut up into chunks. (This gives the butter a beautiful whipped consistency). Mix again until fluffy. Store in pint jars in the refrigerator. Serve on warm bread, biscuits, or even pancakes!

grace and peace,


Marci said...

Strawberry butter sounds really good. It is not quite strawberry season up here. You have given me lots of ideas though. =)

Amy said...

That sounds good! My dad would love that for pancakes. He doesn't like syrup, so he usually just puts jelly on them...This could be a nice alternative.:)

TnFullQuiver said...

I am glad I could get your wheels turning with strawberry ideas. It won't be long and you will be biting into fresh strawberries.

It is a nice alternative to syrup. It is best to let it set out for a little while before you serve it. It just helps to soften it a bit.
I can't wait to hear all about your trip when you get back!!!! God is so good!!!
grace and peace,