Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Raised Bed Filled

Yesterday was a fun filled afternoon for me. I spent the time planting a raised bed full of tomatoes. We always plant a few Super Sweet 100 Cherry Tomato plants. These are the best cherry tomatoes to eat. I keep a bowl of them on the counter all summer long and we eat them like candy. I also planted 3 of my husband's favorite tomatoes which is Cherokee Purple. They are not the prettiest, but their beauty is in their flavor. I then planted a few Big Boy tomatoes to have for slicing. I had about a half of raised bed left so I filled it with Roma tomatoes. I always plant a bed of romas for making tomato sauce. There is less water in these tomatoes and they make a beautiful sauce. I will also plant a bed of Rutger tomatoes. These are the perfect canning tomato. They are a small tomato so you don't have to cut them to get them to fit into the canning jars.

After I finished planting tomatoes, I planted more lettuce in under our cabbage plants. I have so much lettuce now, but it won't be long and it will start to taste bitter. This way I can keep fresh salad until the major heat hits our area. I also planted some flower seeds in around the cauliflower. Our cauliflower hasn't done much. I intended to pull up the plants yesterday, but they are very healthy. I decided I would wait and give them a bit more time to produce. If I don't see something from them soon, then I will pull them and feed them to the chickens.

I also harvested more lettuce. By the way, I said in one of my posts that lettuce will keep a day or two in the refrigerator. Well, I have kept this last batch for at least 5 days. It was still very good last night. I picked a bunch of green onions. I like to keep a glass of green onions in the refrigerator. I will clean them and cut off the roots. Then I put them in a glass of cold water. They keep a long time like this. We like to eat green onions with many different meals.

I also cut all of my baby spinach. I am going to make a spinach salad tomorrow using spinach, green onions, strawberries, and pecans. I am going to adjust an orange salad dressing recipe by leaving out the oranges and substituting strawberries instead. I think it will be very good.

grace and peace,


Amy said...

That dressing would definitely be good with strawberries. We had a very similar salad at O'Charley's and it was very GOOD!:)

Do you wrap your lettuce in a clean dish towel to store it in the refrigerator?....I have heard that sometimes that helps it "keep" longer.

Have a fun day!

TnFullQuiver said...

I spin my lettuce dry in a salad spinner. Then I take a large rubbermaid container and line the bottom with Bounty paper towels. I add my dried lettuce on top of that and then I lay another layer of paper towels before placing the lid on it. This has worked beautifully at our house. I have started washing enough lettuce to last for about a week at a time. This just saves so much time for dinner prep. I am in the container everyday so I can monitor how the lettuce is holding up. It takes a bit of time to wash, sort, and dry the lettuce, but the rewards are well worth the time.
grace and peace,