Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Feeding the Flock

Our sheep are really enjoying the backyard grass. This picture was taken from our deck. Watching and listening to our sheep has become the most relaxing part of my day.
Our sheep are Katahdin Hair Sheep. They do not require sheering, but they shed like a dog. Well, I have never really seen a dog shed like this, but you get the idea. We see large clumps of hair all over the yard. I can't wait until this sheep in the picture loses all of her hair because she looks like there might be something dreadfully wrong with her. We are noticing people slowing down when driving past our farm. Yesterday I saw one woman drive past several times really slow looking at the sheep. I may need to make a sign explaining that our sheep are suppose to look this way until they shed. Truth be told, they look a bit odd at the moment.
Baxter says the sheep are wearing him out. He is one tired puppy ready for a nap!

grace and peace,


Michelle said...

That's funny, we slowed down to look at a really odd looking sheep the other day too, only this one had long, dragging wool that looked to be in ringlets and it was very dirty. At first we weren't sure that it was a sheep. I love sheep, thanks for sharing! I've never heard of this breed.

Amy said...

That is funny, Julie.....People driving by staring.....That reminds me of an episode of the Beverly Hillbillies, the one where Jed and Granny go to the neighbor's house on Halloween (only they don't know about Halloween). And the neighbor's children come to the door with these horrible masks on (and Granny and Jed think the masks are their real faces), and Jed says to Granny, "Well ain't that the most pitiful thing you've ever seen?"...And Granny says, "Heart Rendering, heart rendering." :)

It makes me laugh just thinking about it...So the next time people stare, you can have a little giggle to yourself.:) And maybe hold up a sign that says, "I know, I know; It's heart rendering!" :)

Brian G. Heyer said...

I'll bet the nesting birds love your yard for building materials. ... One good reason to put up the sign is to perhaps head off a call from a busybody intent on calling animal services reporting some type of neglect.

Marci said...

Just put a sign up that says, "Sheep are having a baaaaa-d hair day".

Is your dog at the bottom an Aussie?

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie,
Will you email me? I have a lamb question for you and I wasn't sure if I had the right email addy for you or not.

TnFullQuiver said...

I like your baaad hair day sign!! I might have to do just that for the passerbys! Baxter is a Border Collie. He looks a lot like the pictures of your dog. I didn't even know Border Collies come in brown. I thought they only came in black.

I thought about that. I didn't want anybody to think that we didn't take care of our animals.

I am hoping my husband will post more about this breed of sheep. I love having them and our lambs are due the last part of May and the first part of June. I will keep you posted!

I loved the Beverly Hillbilly story. I was a faithful watcher of that show. Thanks for bringing back good memories.
grace and peace,