Friday, May 30, 2008

And Now There Are 8

Yesterday saw two more lambs added to the count. We now have 4 girls and 4 boys. We are still waiting on the last 2 to give birth.
We were hoping for twins somewhere along the way, but we haven't had any as of yet. I love the ambiance that the sheep bring to our farm. Their sounds are so sweet. I have been waking up to the bleating of sheep instead of an alarm clock the last few weeks. It is a much nicer way to start my day.

grace and peace,


Anonymous said...

I love seeing your new lambies. So precious. Ambience - no doubt!

Dreamer said...

Sounds wonderful to wake up to sheep. It is so peaceful just to watch the sheep...and cows. You are very blessed.

motherofmany said...

That new one looks like the dog from the old Our Gang movies. What was his name?

motherofmany said...

Petey! That's it. Had to go look it up online. It was driving me crazy not being able to remember.

Mountain Mama said...

Oh so sweet! Love springtime and all the "new life".

I finally have had a chance to catch up with you. What a busy girl you are! My children saw the pretzels and asked if they could make them. They do sound very scrumpdilly-icious.

I treasured your email and practically cried through it all just knowing and understanding the sorrow you must have felt. I appreciate your wisdom and most of all, your tender heart.


TnFullQuiver said...

How are your little lambs doing? Is Baabs staying in his fence any better?

Words are too shallow to express how thankful to the Lord I am for this life that we lead. It is wonderful and something that we have waited for during my husband's navy years. We used to sit in our rented apartment and dream of the day when our yard would be full of pastures instead of asphalt. My heart and hands are full!

Mother of Many,
I remember PETEY and you are so right!!! We ended up with 2 lambs marked this way and I was disappointed that both are male. You know what happens to the males!

I was so happy that you emailed me and gave me the chance to share my heart with you. I know that moment of crying uncontrollable and then realizing that even in the midst of your sobbing the Lord is there with you. It is a peace that passes all understanding and I am so thankful that you are living that during this time. I had my share of lunatic mommy moments, and I think that your honesty in sharing those is great. You never know how the Lord will use all of this to minister to someone somewhere!! And yes, I am still lifting you to the throne room of God here in East Tennessee!!
grace and peace,