Saturday, November 08, 2008

Creating Beautiful Tablescapes

I saw the most beautiful tablescape on a new blog this morning. As I was sitting dreaming about all the lovely things that go into a stunning tablescape, I remembered I had my own perfect tablescape that fit into our family quiet nicely. Although it does seem to impede the actual meal somewhat, I thought I would share my creative idea on tablescapes and see if you would like to create your own!!

My tablescape stands....

And sits....
And in the end, she takes a bow!!! How is that for talented, and beautiful, and creative???!!
grace and peace,
P.S. If some how you aren't quite for sure that this tablescape will be right for your home, perhaps you might want to see what this lady has to offer.


Andrea Cherie said...

As fun and beautiful as decorating is...this is real life! :)

Nancy - Lessons Learned on the Farm said...

Oh YOUR tablescape is much more my speed! ha!

My first thought was, "Wow, that must be a really strong table!"

My mastiff is more of a couchscape. Last night she almost shoved me off of the couch. I guess I was crowding her. She finally sighed and laid on the floor right NEXT to the couch.

Mountain Mama said...

Way too cute! Where I do get me one of those?

On another note: Fun to see the views from your house. How about some pictures of your home and the layout of your farm. Just an idea from a far away friend.


Driving three Prince Girls said...

I am a lurker, but I had to comment because you gave me such a laugh this morning. I think your tablescape is ADORABLE...

Mountain Mama said...

Oh ya. I forgot to tell you - I tagged you. Go to my blog and check it out!

Heartathome said...

Well I'll grant you that the tablescapes that are nice at Between Naps on the Porch, yours is extremely creative and quite unique. There's nothing like a living tablescape to spice up your meal!

TnFullQuiver said...

Oh yea, Missy surely does living up our meals as well as our lives! Thanks for the comment!!

Driving three prince girls,
It was good to see you come out of your corner. Thanks for taking time to coment. It is always good to hear from new people.

I am sure you can get a tablescape like mine in many fine pet shops!!!I'll get right on that farm and house tour!! Maybe someday my kitchen renovations will be complete!

Andrea Cherie,
Real life is good, but sometimes I wouldn't mind something that doesn't slobber, shed, or smell quite as much as Missy!!

I thought of you when I posted this one! I am sure Mary Jane would like to become a tablescape too. Missy is much more a couchscape. She wasn't real impressed with herself when she climbed up on the deck table. She couldn't figure out how to get herself back down!! There has been many times that Missy has shoved me almost completely out of the bed or off the couch. Give her an inch and she will take a mile!!! Give Mary Jane an extra hug from us!!!

grace and peace,