Monday, November 03, 2008

Farm Updates: Animal Shelters

We had a good old fashion barn raising this past weekend. Well, technically, we already had a barn. However, it is a tobacco barn that has limited uses. We knew we couldn't afford a new barn so we had to come up with a solution to our problems. Michael decided to add on to each side of the barn. This weekend he did the right side of the barn. When it is completed, he will have two separate shelters for rams, and a REAL chicken coop. (Hold on to your hat Jerry R., you might just get those chickens yet)!! On the other side of the barn, he will have a pig pen, a milking parlor, and a storage room to keep our feed safe from critters. He hasn't determined when he will start on that, but for now he is finishing the other side.

Todd came and brought his son to help. Wow, what a difference another man that knows what he is doing makes in a building project! If working on the addition wasn't enough, he was also a teacher of the boys. He helped our oldest son learn some new skills and he was ever so patient with our 4 year old. He would start a nail for Seth and then ask Seth to finish driving the nail. According to our oldest son, Seth would sit and bang the nail ever so long!

There was even some time for a tea break and time for boys to be silly.

Back to work once again!

Our second son spent some time learning about chalk lines and saws.

After a lot of hard work, this is what the shelter looks like on the outside. By the way, our oldest son who REALLY doesn't like to do building or farm work put on the metal roof. He was quite pleased with himself and his accomplishment!

This is the end that still lacks a wall. Michael still has to build this wall and the interior walls and he still has to paint it. This will solve several of our animal problems. He will be able to keep two rams in shelters and they will be separated so they won't fight. It will also provide us with the chicken coop to keep better tabs on our chickens. A hawk ate one of our chickens just last week. Plus we are hoping the new fences will keep them out of our garden area. There will also be electricity in the chicken coop so we will be able to get some chicks soon and know that they will be safe. Michael spent about $1500 to make this addition. He is expecting to spend a bit more than that on the other side. This will be a whole lot cheaper than adding a new barn!
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Pam's Pride said...

That is a great addition!! All the guys did a great job!!

TnFullQuiver said...

grace and peace,

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

When the boys are done, if they could use more practice ... well ... they can practice on our property. LOL It looks great!


TnFullQuiver said...

The boys will NEVER be done here! It seems as if projects keep lining up!
grace and peace,