Monday, November 24, 2008

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Moms

I had my Thanksgiving week planned out to a tee. I was suppose to be preparing scrumptious pies and homemade breads. I was going to finish the cleaning and have everything nice and together for my family. The one thing I didn't plan on was getting sick! We sure were glad there were homemade goodies in the freezer when I was unable to make anything else. Our second son loves Pumpkin Bread and he made sure to thaw it all out and serve it with hot tea when I was unable to fuss about it. Pumpkin Bread did make a nice breakfast, but it was suppose to be served on Thanksgiving morning along with the Banana Bread!!!!~ I am thankful that we are all starting to feel better. I am still looking forward to Thanksgiving, but knowing full well that I won't be as together as I had originally planned. But you know what, not one person around my dinner table is going to be too concerned about all of the other stuff. It just isn't that important after all.
grace and peace,


closer2667 said...

just last night, pam and i said you must be pretty sick! praying for you and yours to bounce back soon. and you are right, it is not that important but family is!

happy thanksgiving

TnFullQuiver said...

Thanks so much!!! I covet those prayers now. I love Thanksgiving so much and I want to enjoy it all. I only get to see my brother twice a year, and Thanksgiving is one of those times. I love it when he comes because I love to do all the fun things with him and for him. I just want to be able to make it a great year for all of us. Enjoy your Thanksgiving too, and keep away from sick people!!
grace and peace,