Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Front Yard Clean Up

Our house sits close to the road. It is a small country road, but the property across the road doesn't belong to us. Our neighbor purchased it several years back to make sure that it wasn't developed into a neighborhood. Two years ago, he had a company come in and harvest the pine trees for mulch. The above picture is what it looked like just a few days ago. The scrub trees were starting to grow thicker and taller.

This is the view now. Our neighbor decided to make pastures out of it and he has been working diligently to clear it all out. This picture is a bit deceptive because the trees that are seen are really at the back of the pasture. This work has given us a wonderful view of the mountains. We now have a complete view of the mountains all around us. It is lovely. We too are still working on our own property to clear the trees. I am looking forward to beautiful green grass in both places this spring and summer!
grace and peace,


Andrea Cherie said...

What a beautiful transformation!

Marci said...

Wonderful view!!!!!