Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Clearing Continues

Robert is about half way finished clearing our woods. He is leaving the hardwoods in tack. I haven't actually been back there in the last few days. I am anxious to see what it looks like.

He spent yesterday burning a large brush pile while he continued to clear more trees. I am looking so forward to getting this project completed. Michael will be breaking up the soil in the new area this February and planting seed soon after that. We have spent $2000 on hay to feed our animals this winter, and he is concerned that we will still need to purchase $900 more. The reason we have sheep is to make money, and if we keep spending large sums to feed them then we will have to rethink the whole sheep for profit thing. Our goal is to be able to produce enough good grass that we can cut hay here on our own farm. We don't have a square baler or any hay equipment, but that would be a better purchase than to continue to buy hay from other farmers.
I think we went about this whole farming thing kind of backwards. We got the animals before we really had the facilities to take care of them. The fences were suitable for large cows and horses, but not for calves or sheep. Now our animals are all stuck in a small pen off the side of the barn until Michael can finish the fence. This first section should be completed by the end of this weekend. Each new day brings about some other farm lesson for us to learn around here. Not a bad way to spend your days if you ask me.
grace and peace,

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