Friday, November 14, 2008


Just a reminder to cast your vote for your choice of political party. Don't forget to post any comments you may have for one party or the other. Here's an interesting article by Andrew Davis comparing the two parties.
God bless,


closer2667 said...

the old adage would be, are we going to take out our scissors and cut out what doesn't fit our life or beliefs from the Bible or are we 100% no matter how it steps on our toes or um beliefs, believe the Bible 150%? Your opinion doesn't count only what is the Written Word, ouch, I stepped on my toes again but the Truth was and is told. Yes excellent excellent historical truth in this article


TnFullQuiver said...

Point well made. I am sure Michael is going to discuss this political stuff a lot more over the next few months. thanks for the comment!!
grace and peace,