Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fall Garden

Our fall garden has been a bust this year. We started off strong, but we didn't take into account the chickens. Our chickens didn't bother our summer garden so I had no reason to believe that our fall garden would be in danger. However, by the time I realized what the chickens were doing it was too late to salvage much. Apparently chickens enjoy broccoli and cabbage leaves along with collard greens. I don't know why, but our chickens haven't bothered our lettuce too much. We are enjoying bowls of fresh garden lettuce and green onions. I will also be picking some of our spinach and serving spinach salad when my mom is here. The temperatures have dipped into the low 30's and upper 20's here, but I haven't taken the time to cover the lettuce. As of yet, it doesn't seem to be hurting it at all. My goal was to see how long we could eat fresh produce this year. As much as I miss the broccoli and collard greens, we are still able to get by without purchasing too much produce from the grocery store.
grace and peace,


Anonymous said...

Hello Julie. I just found your blog through TN farm girl. I love your thoughts on family. I am from the Smokey Mtns. in N. Carolina around Bryson City. Not asking for your address or anything, where do you live around in TN. My husband and I are looking to buy land about a year from now, Lord willing. We like TN taxes verses NC. I bookmarked your blog and plan to return often. It is definetly a nice one. We homeschool as well. We travel full-time with my husband. Right now I am in Illinois. It is burr cold, too:-) I hope that you have a lovely Thanksgiving. We all have so much to be thanful for.God bless.
Melodie Barton

Boysaplenty!! said...

Hi Julie!
I have planted a variety of lettuces this fall for the first time. You inspired me! I planted the lettuce at the same time I planted my greens. We are enjoying the greens but the lettuce is so small still. Is that normal? Your lettuce looks so yummy! Can't wait to harvest ours. Also, how is the milking going with your new mommy?

Enjoy your family this Thanksgiving! What a blessing!


Andrea Cherie said...

I posted on how to cook an acorn squash!

TnFullQuiver said...

We live in East Tennessee close to the North Carolina border. We love Tennessee and for the first time in our marriage we feel like we have found a home. I am not sure of land prices compared to North Carolina. I know that even in the same county in Tennessee the land prices can vary drastically compared to which part of the county you choose to live. One negative to Tennessee is the farm laws here. It is very hard to sell farm goods in our state. Technicaly, you aren't even allowed to sell your eggs. We have a wonderful farmer's market, but there are strict rules about even making homemade breads and selling them. It can be done if you use a commercial kitchen or have your home inspected often. Which by the way, we would never pass that inspection because we have a dog who lives in our home. I so wish we operated with a farm gate law which in a nutshell states that if you come to my farm and buy from me then you understand that the goods are produced on my farm and have not been inspected. I have little hope of that being passed here. Try to stay warm up there in Illinois. Brrr.... I hope you have a wondrful Thanksgiving too.

Andrea Cherie,
Thanks for letting me know about your post. I went to your sight and you did a great job. Now I know for sure that I will be purchasing and cooking an acorn squash. It looked yummy, and I know that i would have to love it!

I am so glad you went home and planted a fall garden. It has always been that my lettuce comes on quicker than my greens. I usually only plant collard greens so I really don't know much about the rest of them. Please eat a bowl of fresh greens for me...our chickens ate mine! Don't forget you can keep planting lettuce every two weeks and that will help to keep you with fresh lettuce. One year I had enough lettuce for about a month to feed an entire army, and I am not even exagerating about that. I didn't replant any after that first initial planting and we didn't have any more lettuce. I learned my leason that year!

grace and peace,