Thursday, December 24, 2009

Baking Pictures and a Recipe for Oreo Ice Cream Dessert Cake

These types of desserts are the things I think of when I think of homemade. They take some time, and they are always wonderful. The above picture is a Black Tie Mousse Cake. My husband ate this at Olive Garden when out of town on business. He called to tell me it was the best dessert he had ever eaten. Well, that didn't sit too well with me so I knew I had to recreate it. If it is really as good as Olive Garden's, then I will pass the recipe on to you.
This is our traditional coconut cake. This cake is a taste of my childhood. It was served at all of our birthday celebrations. (Robbie, did Mom ever make a cake that wasn't a coconut cake for our birthday)? My mom made her cakes in a 9 x 13 cake pan, but on Christmas my grandmother also made this cake. She made it as a layer cake, and I fell in love with it. I loved the icing in between the layers. It was also very beautiful to me. As a child it reminded me of a huge snowball. My grandmother made this cake for my Dad's birthday which was on Christmas day. After her death, I started making his birthday cake. After I was married and moved away, I would still make this cake for his birthday. It was the first cake that I ever tried to bake in layers. I am still not real good at baking beautiful layer cakes. Often times, they look as if they have been through an earthquake! After my dad died four years ago, I quit making this cake. It made me cry and it hurt my heart. Last year, I made it again. I called Hope into the kitchen and gave her a big spoonful of the icing. I told her to take a big bite, and she would be tasting my childhood. She smiled and we laughed. It was good to bake my old favorite cake again without crying.

But this cake...this cake isn't one I would call homemade. After all, it is just a bunch of store bought ingredients thrown together. This cake is what I am known for in these parts. This cake is the one that has teenagers that don't belong to me rummaging through my freezers looking for it. This is the cake that has my sister in law threatening small children if they eat the last piece. (You know that's true, Kelly)! This cake has my same sister in law telling lies to the small children about the cake being gone after she has tucked it in the bowels of the basement freezer so she can enjoy it for breakfast the next day! What she forgets is the teenagers live in the basement, and they too rummage through the basement freezer looking for treasures!!! This cake is the one that our second born son's girlfriend asked me to make her as her birthday gift!!! That is how good this cake is, but it isn't homemade. Hope you enjoy it as much as my crowd does!!
Oreo Ice Cream Dessert Cake
Take a pack of oreo cookies and crush them in a food processor. Add a half stick of melted butter and mix again. Pour the crumbs into a 9 x 13 cake pan. Spread a carton of good vanilla ice cream on top. We like Breyer's and I let it soften on the counter to make it spread easier. Pour a bag of Heath Toffee chips on top. Freeze until needed. To serve: Cut individual pieces and top with hot fudge topping, whip cream and a cherry! It is that easy and that good. Another plus is it can be made several days ahead of time if you can keep the teenagers from finding it!
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flcountrygirl said...

Chad said that he does not believe that the Chocolate cake is real, he suggested that you send him one to test and make sure that it is homemade.
I so enjoyed our talk yesterday. I MISS YOU SO SO SO SO SO MUCH.
Love ya,

Carmen S. said...

Oh my gosh those ALL sound so delicious, I think I just gained 5 pounds just READING about them, LOL! I'm so glad to hear that you can make the wonderful coconut cake again without the tears, I know how that goes but time really is a healer. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family!!!!!

Carmen S. said...

P.s....big slobbery kisses and hugs to Missy also;)

Concetta said...

What was the verdict on the cake? It looks so delicious! Was it a hit? Tomorrow I make the pot pie, salad and Honey Bun Cake - yum!

TnFullQuiver said...

I so enjoyed talking with you too. I miss you all so much. I really think your family should move to the moutains here with us. We would have a ball!!! Why don't you start whispering in Randy's ear at night while he is asleep, "We need to move...need to be neighbors with Mike and Julie!" Let's see how that works!

Missy appreciated your big slobbery kisses. Our 5 year old delivered your message to her! I too gained at least 5 pounds from all those desserts, but you know was worth it!

OH MY GOODNESS...that dessert was worth every bit of trouble (and I had my share...I left it to cool on the kitchen counter so I could do the next layer, and the English Mastiff waited until it was the perfect temperature and ate my first cake)!! You have to take some time on this woman's blog. I found so many recipes that I want to try. I left a link on Tueseday's post. I had a hard time getting off the computer because all I wanted to do was to continue with her blog. The blog is only recipes and most of them are copy cat recipes with pictures! Let me know what you think.

grace and peace,