Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Many Beds of the English Mastiff

Come into our home and you will see this often.  It isn't just the littlest of the family that curls up with the English Mastiff. 
No, you will also find her curled up with the oldest and the youngest at the same time.  My question is how can a 200 pound dog, a 180 pound man child, and a 45 pound kid fit in a twin size trundle bed?
You might even find her curled up by herself on the end of the recliner.
But the one person you won't find Missy curled up with is Hope.  Hope isn't that fond of Missy.  She gives her the evil eye and a loud shriek.  She calls her things like, "Dog, Mutt, and Beast".  Missy is smarter than Hope.  Missy waits until Hope leaves for school.  Then Missy crawls into her bed and lounges about for the whole day enjoying the room of a princess.  She enjoys the feather mattress and the soft purple comforter.  She loves to lay her head on the matching pillows.  I think she even drools on them intentionally.  Then when she hears Hope walk back through the front door after a long day at school, Missy quickly gets out of her room.  She leaves the impression that she has just been laying in the hall all day.  Hope asked me one day, "Mom, why is there always dog hair in my bed?"  I only smiled because I wasn't about to give away the secrets of the English Mastiff.

grace and peace,


Carmen S. said...

LOL..what a bed-hoppin' sweetie that Missy is, I wasn't too shocked seeing her in the beds, as our shepherd loves our beds too...but that shot of her in the recliner...now THAT is TOO FUNNY!!!!!! Gotta love a mastiff:)

Marci said...

That is so funny, but I would not want the dog in my bed either. :)

Paige said...

Non shedding dogs for even greater sneakiness!! :-D

Anonymous said...

LOL your story about Hope and Missy was hysterical!

Concetta said...

I sincerely hope that Hope does not read your blog!
I fell off my computer chair today! Why? My loving Bubby posted on my blog - oh will wonders never cease? Do you think I am closer to getting one of the hope chests? That's right - interest...it is up to two. Get the man crack-a-lackin!!!
Love you,

Leah Spencer said...

I love the Missy posts, as they remind my of my own Missy. I used to sleep with 2 dogs (60 and 80 pounds) in my twin sized bed. Somehow I always ended up with the edge! :)

After I got married and would visit my parents, Missy knew my husband didn't want her in the bed... so she'd sleep next to me on the floor every night, and then as soon as he woke up and left the room, she'd take his place!

My mom was also really tolerant of the dogs, but she held firm to the rule that they couldn't go into her room. Well... Missy would go in there if I was in there (and Mom wasn't) and tuck herself in a spot. Usually it would be where the feet go under Mom's desk, or she'd try her best to crawl under the bed... but her butt and tail always stuck out! :D

Andrea Cherie said...

2nd photo- good question!?

4th photo about Hope- hilarious!!

TnFullQuiver said...

I believe Missy could curl up anywhere and be happy. By the way, I too love German Shepherds. I grew up learning to walk holding onto our Shepherd's back. My kids all want another Shepherd after Missy is gone. I am still thinking something smaller...much smaller!

I love having Missy sleep with me. She is such a snuggler and she is warm beyond belief. I just don't want the dog hair in my bed so she has been made to sleep in the basement with the boys. She isn't happy about it though.

Thanks! I am glad I could make you smile today.

I didn't think about Hope maybe reading this blog. She will be very unhappy with me that I said Missy was smarter than her. I am sure that when she is grown, I will somehow be blamed for all of her problems!!!

Oh how I wish somebody could invent a nonshedding English Mastiff. I would probably have another one of these dogs if she didn't shed. I love them that much!

Leah S,
I think that dogs with name "Missy" rule in the smart category. Thank you for taking the time to share your sweet memory with me. It made me smile.

Andrea Cherie,

grace and peace,