Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spring Garden

This picture was taken earlier this past week.  While my garden was being blanketed with huge flakes of snow...
My future spring garden plants were growing happy in our shop greenhouse. 
Our little broccoli plants are doing nicely.  I just paid over $2 at the grocery story for a head of broccoli.  That makes this one tray of broccoli worth over $12!  I have 4 of these trays growing now, and I will be planting another 50 plants in the next few days!
I still have to transplant these little romaine lettuce plants.  Each plant will equal one head of romaine lettuce.  Today at the store, I paid $3.38 for a pack of three organic romaine lettuces.  That will make one salad for our family.  I have at least 75 lettuce plants to transplant.  That is like pocketing $75 with my grocery store savings come this spring.
Missy loves the snow, but she wasn't happy about being left ouside by herself!  She would rather be in the shop with me!

grace and peace,


Carmen S. said...

Your plants are growing nicely! Missy looks like she's ready for spring, I know we are here in PA. We have raised beds too and I was thinking about expanding the grow space this year. I saw on the Mother earth news forum about planting right into a bag of topsoil, you just cut out the top,and add one plant per bag, have you ever heard of that?? Just wondering how it would turn out:) Stay warm and enjoy your weekend!

TX Doodler said...

Your produce babies are lookin' goooood girl! Congrats!! I'm envious but also inspired. I've got my seeds ready to get going the end of next month. I'm doing only produce seedlings, for all the above you mentioned. Market prices on vegetables are insane!