Friday, February 05, 2010

Date Night

We have missed her.  She usually spends Friday and Saturday evenings at our house.  Her new college schedule and work schedule and weather issues have kept her from us for the last several weeks.  It just doesn't seem the same.  My kids have complained.  My husband has complained about her absence.  The other evening he was saying, "We have enough kids, why should I miss one that isn't even ours!"  However, we do miss her, and we are all looking forward to her coming out to spend our Friday evening with us.  It goes without saying that our oldest son is always happy to spend time with her, but he does get to see her at school.  This evening will find us eating a hearty supper around the dinner table, and sitting together talking over the happenings of the last few weeks.  I am sure that a competitive game of cards will also be on the docket for tonight, and perhaps a funny movie.  I sure have missed my son's date nights and his girlfriend!  I am glad that we are back on track!!!

grace and peace,

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We also have sooo enjoyed the time together with our older children and their prospective mates & now with the married ones & spouses. What fun!!! Hanging out together as a family show our children free entertainment as well as how to relate to one another & enjoy each other's company!