Friday, February 19, 2010

Summer Eye Candy

The diagnosis has been determined:  Cabin Fever...and now the prescription for healing: sunshine, and a little summer eye candy reminder!  Hope you enjoy the thought that spring and summer is on its way!!

Remember what the green grass looks like? 

Remember the times that we had fresh flowers filling all the corners of our house...
And coffee pots full of fresh cut flowers from the garden?
Remember the taste of fresh garden vegetables?  It won't be too much longer now!  Let's forget the extra work that the garden brings and the whole canning process.  Let's just enjoy the thought of sunshine on our face and a backyard full of edible beauty!

grace and peace,


Carmen S. said...

How beautiful! I can't wait for all of those things and your lovely eye candy may just "hold me over"! I've never planted zinnias before but yours are so lovely I think I may try some this year:)

Mountain Mama said...

Stop IT!! You are killin' me!!

TnFullQuiver said...

You just HAVE to try some zinnias this year. They are the easiest flowers to grow, and they are beautiful!

You know you love it!!!

grace and peace,

Mountain Mama said...

You are right! I DO love it. But you are still killin' me...