Tuesday, April 29, 2008

One Tired Dog

When I was growing up, my brothers had a Stretch Armstrong toy. We would pull with all of our might and his arms would stretch and stretch. I always wondered what was inside of that toy to make it stretch like that. Well, I have always had the same questions about steel toe boots.
How are the steel toes constructed to be protective work boots? Michael has always been required to wear them in the type of jobs he has had. I knew those boots were heavy. Upon occasion, I would grab his boots and wear them out to the mailbox. I was tired by the time I got back to the house!
Our English Mastiff, Missy, answered all of my questions concerning steel toe boots this past week. She found an old work boot that Michael had left outside. I am sure they were too muddy to wear them in the house. Well, she decided that he MUST have left them out there just for her so she helped herself to her new gift. The above is a picture of Missy and her steel toe work boot. She has eaten it all but the steel toe and the sole. I might add she is now working on the sole of the boot. She must feel quite the attachment to her gift because she takes it every where she goes. She takes it outside with her. She makes sure it is with her when she comes back in the house.
The moral of the story is that an English Mastiff should not be left unattended or she might just chew your ENTIRE house down in one fail swoop. Well, unless of course it is made out of titanium steel like the end of his boot. I wonder how long it would have taken her to eat through Stretch Armstrong? I bet I could have finally seen the inside of that in about 3 minutes flat!!
grace and peace,


Amy said...

Julie, that is funny! I love how protective dogs are of their toys, as if you would want to play with that steel toe boot.:)

And when I was younger, my friend's brother did manage to pull apart Stretch Armstrong so as to reveal his insides.....I have a weak stomach though, so I didn't want to see it......I guess it was too soon after being exposed to a can of green slime (with worms)....Do you remember that lovely toy?...I'm gagging just thinking about it.:)

Anonymous said...

Oh my word, I just had to comment on this one. When we first got Mary Jane she was 10 months and we were actually quite scared of her eating our whole couch or something. We were so careful with her, but sure enough in the first week she ripped a spot in our office floor and our kitchen floor. She hasn't done anything else like that since and she's really not much of a chewer, but she absolutely tears up her own skin when she scratches. Do you all have to deal with that at all?

Mountain Mama said...

Who in the world thought up the steel toe boot? Thanks Missy, for showing us the inside. Very interesting. I love the protectiveness of her new "gift". How was Michael when he saw his boot?

TnFullQuiver said...

I remember the green slime with worms. My brothers also loved cooking up Creepy Crawlies in their little molds. YUCK!

Missy just got left in our bedroom the other evening by mistake while we had dinner. After dinner, our son went into the room. He told us Missy had an accident. She had pulled our bedroom carpet up. Thank God we were going to replace it anyway!! It pays to keep BOTH eyes on these dogs. she doesn't do these kinds of things often (really she only does them when she is mad). Missy is alergic to fleas. IF she gets a flea on her, she will scratch and chew huge hunks out of herself. I use a flea comb to keep a check on her. During the middle of summer, I just go ahead and put her on Frontline so the fleas don't bother her. It was cheaper to buy this in the long run than to keep paying the vet bill to get medicine for her skin!!!

Michael handled her eating his boot pretty well. He didn't have much of a leg to stand on since he was the one who left his boots outside!!!
grace and peace,