Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Still Fencing

One of our children grabbed a quick picture of Michael and I working on the fence. The weather here is always a bit unpredictable. This picture was Sunday afternoon and I was comfortable wearing a sweater. Yesterday I was in short sleeves and burnt the fire out of my arms. I have never had short hair before now and it never dawned on me that my neck would burn. Today I am sporting a true farmer's burn!
Michael is giving Jacob instructions on stretching fence. Jacob is a very willing learner. I sometimes wonder how in the world did my husband learn all of this farm stuff. (I didn't even know what that pipe looking thingy was that is known as a fence post driver)! Michael did do a lot of work on farms as a teenager. He spent many days working in tobacco patches and hay fields. That was the employment of most teenage boys growing up in Kentucky. I am thankful that our boys are learning these skills here on our farm. Our oldest son isn't thrilled with the farm thing, but I believe one day he will be glad he knows these skills.
Seth LOVES working on fences. He gets to pack his toys and head up to the field. He spends his time playing with his tractors and climbing trees.

We are praying that the fence will be completed by this afternoon. We ran out of wire yesterday afternoon. Michael went and purchased a mile of wire so I think we should have enough to finish today. Perhaps the rain will hold off for the day so we can finish the fence, and get the strawberry bed tilled and planted. I also would like to start fencing in the upper garden area so we can plant potatoes. Sounds like a busy day to me!!!

grace and peace,


Marci said...

Oh, the scenery behind you in the first picture.... It makes me drool. I would love to live in that area of the country. Great pictures and I hope you get your fence done.

Is your husband going to farm full time or does he work off the farm too? My husband still works full time off the farm and full time on the farm. =)

Mountain Mama said...

Cute Hair!! So, I guess we could call you a true "redneck". Fun to see your family working together - as it should be.

Amy said...

You are surrounded by beauty!
What a view!

Nice picture of you and your hubby.
God Bless,

TnFullQuiver said...

We do enjoy a beautiful view, although when the wind blows 75 mph we sometimes think we could live without the view.

I do work a full time day job, but hope to someday farm full time. That amazes some folks around here, they just can't understand why someone would want that. I can't imagine why they want the grind they live with, I just tolerate the grind for now and thank God for the great day job that I have.