Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Ducks and the Bees

Each year our family is treated to a spring duck parade on a daily basis. Our neighbor who lives next door has a nice farm with many ponds. However, his ducks seem to think our pond is better than their pond so every morning they have a parade to our pond. Around evening time, the ducks parade back to their home for dinner. I enjoy watching this parade. I love hearing the sounds the ducks make and I am amazed at the single file line that they always walk in to get home. This parade is just as much a sign of spring as the buds on the trees.This the view in Michael's shop. He picked up our package of bees last week. His hours at work were so long he didn't see the farm in day light all last week. The bees still sit in the basement. He will be able to take some time this week to put the bees into their hive. However, the forecast is rain every day until Saturday. The bees need to get out of this box into their real hive before Saturday. I will do many things on this farm. I have overcome many fears, but the bees is one thing I just won't do. They will have to wait. Well, I did do them twice in the past. It was probably my husband's single worst idea EVER, and I don't want to revisit that experience again. I believe in the midst of the little varmints flying around my head inside my veil I made a vow to the Lord that if He would just get me out of this I would never mess with bees again. It is my plan to keep my word. Thus the bees will just have to remain in the box in the shop. I did try to recruit our 3 older boys to do the task of dumping the bees in the hive. No...they ALL remember the night long ago and the bees...they aren't interested in playing with the bees any more than I am.
grace and peace,


Mountain Mama said...

I just love spring! Wish we had more of one around here. Cute ducks.

I loved your bee story - you are funny! My dad has been a beekeeper for over 40 years. He loves it. I always liked to watch from a distance and was always a willing honey eater. Never had a desire to get close to them. He wants to get my oldest son "set up" to raise bees/honey. Hopefully it will happen this year. Seeing yours - gets me excited.

Marci said...

I remember when we got our first package of bees. They were so angry and you could tell. My friend whose children were going to help me, told me to put them in the cool basement and they would calm down. That did not work. The man who we got our bee equipment from (he gave us a real deal) came to watch us put them in. He commented on how angry they sounded. He told me to spray a bit of sugar water on the outside of the packages. I went in and got some, sprayed the packages and there was almost instant silence. Putting them in was very easy then. =)

Amy said...

I would love to see the duck parade every day. What a neat show God gives you to watch!:)

I'm with you on the bees.
Leave them to the professionals.:)

Have a blessed day!