Friday, April 25, 2008

What's In YOUR Bathtub?

I got a call yesterday from my mother-in-law. She said that she would be coming to our home and staying for 3 days. We are looking forward to visiting with her, and she will be here to help us celebrate our oldest son's birthday. Any time I get a call about having an out of town guest come visit for a few days, I take an inventory of all the things that need to be done before they come. The list isn't too long this time, but there is one major chore that will have to be completed.
This is a picture of our bathtub. Before you decide that we are disgusting pigs, let me explain myself. I start all of our seeds in floating trays. I tried floating them in Michael's shop, but we have had some "issues" down there. First there is a black cat that LOVES to lay on the floating trays. I know he loves his own personal water bed, and I am sure in his mind he is just "warming" the little seeds. However it is very hard for seeds to sprout when there is a very large fat cat sitting on them. Second, I can't control the temperature down there. It remains cool which isn't ideal for sprouting seeds. I had trouble this year getting my peppers and some of my tomatoes to sprout. I got frustrated and decided to float them in the tub. (My husband wasn't happy with me the first time I did this. For the record, he had to clean out the mess in order to give the youngest a bath. Now I just think he has come to realize that I could have a lot worse faults than floating seeds).
If you look real close to the tray, you can see little tiny peppers pushing up through the dirt. I knew it would work better than having them in the shop! Later today I will take the tray downstairs and clean the tub. Of course I am thankful that the seeds sprouted BEFORE my mother-in-law arrived. Again, just for the record, our other bathroom has a shower unit so we have taken showers these past few weeks!!! Our daughter has missed her bubble baths, but we all have to lay down our lives for the good of our seeds!!! Well, that's what I told her anyway. She informed me she didn't like peppers or tomatoes so she had no personal interest in these particular seeds. She would have rather had a bubble bath.
So my question to you is...What do you have in YOUR bathtub?
grace and peace,


Amy said...

Maybe a few stray dog hairs from our dog Allie's last bath......but no pepper or tomato seeds to speak of....but you never know.:)

That is funny!

You are very smart and creative. You should start a new post section called "A Thousand Different Uses For Your Bathtub." :)

God Bless,

TnFullQuiver said...

That's a great idea. I hate to say it, but I have used our bath tub for something much more bizzare than just sprouting seeds. I might just have to put that in a post!!!
grace and peace,