Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Fence Work Still Going

This is the field that we are fencing off for our animals. Michael still has to clear a bank between our fence and our neighbor's fence so the electric fence will work properly. We also have to string the wire on the posts, and then we pray that it will work without too many complications. I am so surprised at how much time this project has taken. In my mind, it is just putting some posts in and add some wire and then it is all done. However, that isn't farm reality. There are a lot of steps that take a lot of time to put this all together. We will be at it again today.

My seed order arrived yesterday. I was so excited to get the package. We ordered 50 strawberry plants so we have to quickly get a bed ready for planting. I already have many seeds potted up and growing under the grow lights. I was beginning to think my pepper seeds were all bad because none of the plants were sprouting. I finally brought up the trays and floated them in our bath tub, and they did germinate. It took forever, but at least I didn't waste all that time and effort. I was so close to throwing out the 2 trays and starting over, but I just kept putting it off until later. This is one time that procrastination REALLY paid off!

My husband has taken three days off from work in order to get some farm chores done. It feels so good to see progress being made. I make as much progress on my own as I am capable of, but there are so many things that I don't know how to do. (Fencing is one of them). I love spending time with him working together. I am so blessed to be married to my best friend. Not only do I get the benefits of having a great husband, but I also have a great friend that I LOVE to spend time with doing just about anything. (Except working with bees...he is on his own there)!
grace and peace,

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Paula said...

Wow - 50 strawberry plants? You'll have enough strawberries for the entire county!! :-} You'll have to share your ideas for using that much of one fruit. Can't wait to get settled at our new place so we can start gardening again.

(PS - Thanks for the tip with the coffee grounds!!)