Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Fence Is Complete/Animals Are Happy

We completed the fencing of our upper pasture this afternoon around 4 pm. Another hour of finding all the grounds on the electric fence portion and then we opened the gate. We coaxed the sheep through the previously closed electric gate with shelled corn and up into the pasture. They soon forgot the corn and were taken away by fresh green grass. We haven't seen them since.

Currently our cows are fenced out of this pasture and have access to our hay pasture in the back of our property, I'll be moving them back to the front this weekend. The horses soon joined the sheep, the last I saw of them, they were lounging near a shade tree, I hope their stomachs are not TOO full.

The Lord blessed us with beautiful weather the last three days. I took these days off from my day job to get this chore done and when you do that, you work rain or shine, so thank you Lord for all shine, it could not have been better, sunny, 75, and a light breeze.

Julie will post more tomorrow on planting strawberries and a few other things we accomplished, but I promised her I would start posting more, so this is a start. I hope to post soon on what we are learning about hair sheep.

God bless,



Marci said...

Oh, I love to see your pictures. We are hoping, praying and trying to move down near that area and have a farm as well. You are blessed.

TnFullQuiver said...

Thank you about the pictures. It is just a glimpse of what you have to look forward to when you move to Tennessee. There are so many beautiful places in this state. I use to have an argument with a sailor on Michael's sub that was from Tennessee. We were from Kentucky and upon meeting me for the first time he told me Kentucky was pretty, but Tennessee was God's Country. I smiled back and told him I thought he had it backwards. After getting out of the Navy and living here for a year, we saw that sailor again. I told him that I had been wrong all of those years and he was right. Kentucky is beautiful, but Tennessee IS God's country!!! He agreed!!! But best of all for our family is that it has become home. After serving in the military for 12 years, it is wonderful to have a place to call home. My motto during my husband's Navy time was "Bloom where you are planted". We did just that, but now we have a home, and we are so thankful to the Lord that He put us here in Tennessee!!!
grace and peace,