Monday, April 07, 2008

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Here is a picture of one of our many cabbage plants. I think the cabbage is doing the best of all my early gardening ventures. It has seemed to withstand the wind better than the rest.
I planted lots of different varieties of lettuce from seeds. This is Black Seeded Simpson leaf lettuce. We loved Wilted Lettuce and to make that you must have leaf lettuce and green onions. Yum!!!
I love Romaine lettuce. It is probably my favorite lettuce of all. Here is one of our little heads of romaine.
Care for some broccoli? We sure enjoy fresh broccoli, steamed broccoli with cheese, and broccoli salad. We have close to 2 beds full of broccoli, and I am looking forward to the results. I will freeze what we don't use for later consumption.

We also have green onions and peas growing. I am in a hurry to plant our potatoes, but first we have to finish the fence to get the animals out of the field. Then we have to plow the field with the neighbor's tractor and then we will be ready to plant. I best get busy!!!
grace and peace,


Mountain Mama said...

My garden grows through watching your garden grow. It looks beautiful. Oh the salads you will have!! We are getting more snow today so you can see why gardens just don't work at my altitude.

TnFullQuiver said...

Each area has its up and downs. I remember when we lived in upstate New York. It was beautiful and I loved being there. We spent a lot of time traveling in the New England states. Fall was breath taking in Vermont. And then came winter...I really enjoyed winter, but I was getting over it by March. The problem was that it wasn't through yet!

I was suprised that you could raise honeybees where you live. When does the snow stop for you all? When does spring and summer really start up there and how long do they last? Michael has always wanted to move to Montanna. I wasn't so keen on that idea. I will admit I was envious of all your snow pictures. It looked like great fun!
grace and peace,

Mountain Mama said...

Our winters seem to last a bit longer than the valley (salt lake) but this winter has been EXTREME! It has been since 1983 since Utah has seen this much snow. So, it is a record winter. That is why we mtn people are feverish for spring.
We got snow all day yesterday and suppose to get more today and tomorrow. Suppose to have a beautiful weekend. Snow/frost is usually done by mid May. And we do have spring days in between.
We do love the snow but by April we are ready to pull out the shorts and flip flops.
My Dad thinks we can do bees. We will have to try it and see.
Have a great day!