Tuesday, April 22, 2008

...And the 4 Little Pigs Grew and Grew

Here is a picture of our pigs soon after we first purchased them. Michael measured them them other day and they have reached the desired weight for us to butcher. We will continue to feed them over the next week or so and then take them to the slaughter house. The largest pig weighs about 240 pounds. We still have pig food left so we might as well use it up to fatten them a bit more.

I am ready for them to leave the farm. Now that the days are warmer their area is becoming more smelly. Our barn is located right outside of our bedroom and we sure can smell them when the window is up. However I don't like this part of raising our own food. I still get bothered by the fact that we have our animals slaughtered. I know there isn't anything wrong with it, and I know God gave us the animals for food. It just pulls at my heart strings. I have no idea why other than the fact that I have always been soft hearted where animals are concerned. My children all do better with this than myself. I think it is because they have grown up with this way of life and this is normal for them. I grew up in a neighborhood and I had no idea what type of face my food had before I ate it!

grace and peace,

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