Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Am Ready

I am ready to start harvesting produce from our garden. I have visions of beans and peppers and tomatoes running through my head. Of course, the garden isn't quite ready to yield those items yet. I haven't even put our tomato or pepper plants in the ground yet! I did notice that our broccoli will be ready to be picked in a few days. I have close to enough lettuce to start making salads, but there are no cucumbers or red tomatoes to go with it.
I am just as ready to see flowers blooming as I am to bite into a juicy red tomato. I love the simple beauty of growing and cutting flowers. During the summer months, it is rare that I do not have at least one fresh flower arrangement somewhere in my home. I usually have one in every room!

I did have a taste of summer last night. Our daughter begged to purchase the ingredients to make lemon-aide while we were grocery shopping. We mixed up a large pitcher last night, and oh, did it ever taste refreshing. I like her way of thinking!

The next few weeks will find me getting ready for the summer harvest. First, I will be cleaning out our deep freezer so that we are ready for the pork that will be coming home from the butcher. Next I will move to the shelves that I store our can goods. There is lots of organizing there that needs to be done to get ready to start canning once again. I will take an inventory of last years can goods to see how much I need to can this year. I know we are almost out of green beans so I need to plan to can more green beans this year.

Our son and his friend tilled and planted our bush bean bed a few days ago. I can only imagine how many beans REALLY got put out there. Josh said they decided to plant thicker because more is better. (That is a male way of thinking)! I went down there yesterday and spent an hour covering up bean seeds that were still on top of the soil. When he came back home yesterday, I asked him why they left so many beans uncovered. He smiled and said those were just the extra ones! It ought to be interesting in a few weeks to see just what they did down there!!!

grace and peace,


Amy said...

I also love fresh flowers.....We live out in the country and this time every year up in our front yard is a huge patch of daisies...They are so beautiful; when the ground is covered with them, it looks happy.:)

Next time you make a flower arrangement, I hope you'll post it.:)

My husband and I both enjoy reading and seeing things about your life on the farm.

God Bless,

TnFullQuiver said...

I will post pictures of my flower creations when I get to make them. I am so glad that both you and your husband enjoying reading about our farm life. I wish my husband would post more, but I won't fuss since he is busy making a living!
grace and peace,