Friday, April 11, 2008

Strawberry Plants

Here is the bed of 50 strawberry plants. I know it takes faith (and imagination) to really believe this is a strawberry bed. When we got these plants, I wasn't even for certain which end was the roots and which end was the plant. My husband quickly instructed me, and I was off to plant. I still had my doubts because one year when we first started gardening he planted all the onion sets upside down!
We made a small mound. Then we spread the roots on top of the mound kind of like putting a wig on a fake head. Then we covered up the roots and watered. We are now ready for mulch. We planted 2 rows in our bed and we space each plant about 12 inches a part. We also soaked the roots in water prior to planting.
Our family loves strawberries and I will share a quick strawberry cobbler recipe along with a homemade strawberry syrup recipe soon.
grace and peace,


Paula said...

Hey, Julie!
Wig on a fake head?? That is too funny!! Sounds like something I'd do. My husband is also the instructor in our family. It's a good thing he's patient with me! Enjoyed reading your posts from the last few days. Really nice picture of your sheep. I bet your glad that fence it finished!! Looking forward to getting your strawberry recipes.

TnFullQuiver said...

What can I say? That is exactly what I thought of as I was spreading the "hair" roots out on the mouund!! I pray your moving process is going smoothly.
grace and peace,