Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Gift Cake

Hope found a picture of a cake that looked like a gift, and she asked that I make that for her birthday. It was suppose to have fruit by the foot candy and skittles used for the decorations. I wasn't impressed so I set out to find my own idea to wrap up her cake. I went to the cake decorating department at our local Walmart, and Wilton Cake Supplies had just the thing I needed. I purchased a box of Rolled Fondant Icing and a jar of Jumbo Sprinkle dots.
I made a 9x13 cake. After it was cooled, I took it out of the pan and used my Pampered Chef Baking Stone as a cake plate. I covered the stone in tinfoil. I made a pink buttercream icing (directions were in the Wilton Fondant package). I frosted the cake and then used the directions on the back of the box of Fondant to make the bow. It was so easy. (It was much easier than wrapping a real gift)! The fondant rolled out much like pie crust and it worked up a lot like play dough. I used a pizza cutter to cut the strips, but a sharp knife would have worked just fine. I then placed the jumbo sprinkles sporadically on the cake to resemble polka dots. I also used the sprinkles to decorate the bottom edge of the cake. It was beautiful, and Hope was thrilled.
I wish I would have thought to save some colored icing to use to make her a gift tag. I had plenty of fondant left over, and I could have easily shaped her a name tag. I just didn't have any icing to write with, and I wasn't about to make another batch of butter cream for that. This cake would also be great for a baby shower or even a wedding shower. On the box of fondant, they had a beautiful cake that was more elegant, but the same concept for a wedding shower. You could also make this cake for a boy. Just change the colors and the polka dots. There are lots of sprinkles out there that are cool designs for little guys that could be used instead of the circles.
I also thought that this idea could be used with a real bow. Ice the cake and then use real ribbon to make a bow. That would be pretty. The fondant bow was thrown away at our house because nobody really liked the flavor, but it was pretty!
grace and peace,


TNfarmgirl said...

Beautiful! Guess what I'll surprise Mom with this December :)
Love ya,

Marci said...

You did a great job!!!!

TnFullQuiver said...

I know your mom will love it!!!

Thanks!!! It was fun!

grace and peace,

VoiceInTheWilderness said...

Sweet! You did a great job!

Dreamer said...

You inspired me to try fondant. It turned out wonderfully. It is easy to work with.

Hearing terrible things about the taste of store bought fondant, I found a recipe and made my own. It tastes good but is super sweet. Yuck!

You can see my cake at: http://amommysdreams.blogspot.com/2009/02/happy-birthday-faith.html