Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This picture was taken the last time that our family had a stomach virus. Well, I have felt just like Seth these last few days. Missy even came and curled up in the bed with me yesterday. I miss her cuddly self sleeping with me! When Mom gets sick, the whole family suffers. Everybody pitched in and helped, but little people just don't have the same "eyes" that mommas do when it comes to keeping a home in good working condition. Although I am still not 100%, I feel a lot better today. When I get some energy, I am going to spend my day putting our house back together.

grace and peace,


Amy said...

I love that Missy!

I'm sorry that you have not been feeling well, Julie. I pray that you are better very soon.

God Bless,

closer said...

i was wondering! yes i'll be praying for a speedy recovery, i too luv that missy

with Christ's love

Rachel O said...

It's so unfair when Momma gets sick. Hope you feel better soon.

God Bless,


Marci said...

Julie, I am sorry you are not feeling good. I will pray for a swift recovery. I love the picture.

Rob said...

Get well sis.

Amy Ellen said...

Awwwww aren't dogs great!!! I sure hope you get to feeling better soon.

TnFullQuiver said...

Thank y'all so much for thinking and praying for me. Yes, Amy Ellen, dogs are great. Stay tuned for another post on what Missy got into just the other day.

Robbie, I was surprised to find your comment. Are you going to start blogging now too??? That would be great so I could keep up with you and Kelly both. Hey, we could post Mark's Ragady Andy picture to go with Kelly's chicken picture!!! I'll talk to you later in the week after Friday night football. Matthew is starting on offense and he is excited. He had one of the best games of his life last Friday night...He scored a touchdown from a fumble recovery while he was playing defense. I think he ended up running for around 55 yards to score the touchdown. He also had an awesome night of tackles. I think he ended up with 9 or 10 tackles, and this was a good team that they were playing. I guess he decided to make the most of his senior year!! Give Morgan and hug and kiss from us. love ya!

grace and peace,

Rob said...

I don't think I will be doing any blogging. I will leave that to the 'pros' like you and Kelly. You could pick any number of things to blog about concerning Mark. Like the time he dropped you on your head on the cement basement floor. Tell Matt I need a full recap on his offensive performance this Friday.