Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Fajitas Fit for a Family

Yesterday on my "What's For Dinner" Sidebar I had listed Chicken N Dumplings. Usually I stick to my plans, but as I was picking peppers I decided to switch my dinner menu. I put the chicken back in the freezer and pulled out a few chicken breasts instead. I wanted to use those fresh garden peppers and fajitas was just the thing.

These peppers would have cost me a small fortune in the grocery store! From the garden, they are just costing us a few pennies and some hard work. The flavor is fantastic. I think peppers are probably one of the easiest plants to grow. The bugs usually leave them alone, and if you control the weeds you have a pretty good chance at having a hearty harvest.

I made some homemade salsa from our roma tomatoes. This batch didn't turn out quite as good as the last batch. I just didn't taste it enough while preparing it. The bowl came back almost empty so nobody complained too much!

grace and peace,



Anonymous said...

Looks delicisous! What a blessing.

I can't grow peppers for the life of me. :-) Fortunately, tomatoes I have down pat.

Marci said...

Julie, we too are lovers of Mexican food. Michael makes the best salsa in our house. We love fajitas, and when I have bumper crops of the colorful peppers, I freeze them in strips for winter fajitas!!!

Mountain Mama said...

We love fajitas!! The salsa looks amazing! We are for sure headed your way.

Kel said...

I see Seth's cup...no ice int it, where is his Dew? And there is food on the table, but I don't see Missy's big ol' head!

Love ya

Amy said...

Okay, I will need a table for four....I'm just saying.;)

TnFullQuiver said...

Give the peppers another try...you might just surprise yourself!

If your husband is willing to share his salsa recipe with a crowd, that would make a great post on your blog!!! I am always looking for a great salsa!

Ashley and Amy,
You both have an open invitation... come on down and we will have a great time eating and visiting!!!

Seth saves his Dew for when his crazy aunt comes to visit. I guess he won't be getting anymore until Thanksgiving!!!
grace and peace,