Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Morning List

Today will find me back in the kitchen canning tomatoes. I picked close to a bushel of tomatoes last night. This will be our last tomato haul for the season. I have given the word to till up the tomato plants because they are at the end of their season. We may leave a few plants on the end of the bed to see if we can get enough to eat out of hand for a little bit longer. I also picked more green beans last night so I want to can those this morning as well. I got another wonderful harvest of peppers so I too will be canning pickled jalapenos, which happen to be one of my favorites.
The rain came last night and is still hear this morning. It has been glorious, and I am looking forward to working in the kitchen with the rain falling. It makes for a peaceful day.
grace and peace,

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