Friday, September 05, 2008

Fall Plants

Here is a pack of cabbage plants that I have grown from seeds in our makeshift greenhouse. They are growing rapidly. I ended up with 24 cabbage plants all together.

My broccoli plants aren't growing quite as fast. This pack looked like it could use a drink of water. I stopped with 72 broccoli plants for our fall garden. I usually plant all the ones that germinate, but this year I am trying to be more controlled. Often times I end up with much more than I need or can handle. I only have 2 shelves to grow on, and if I fill all those shelves then I have to spend a lot of time swapping the plants out from under the lights. I believe I have gotten my numbers right on each one of these, but I always find myself questioning. That is part of the learning experience each year in gardening. The trick is to keep good records so I can know from year to year what worked and what didn't.

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