Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Flowers and Daughters

If you take the time to pick through the old ones, our zinnias are still beautiful. I have wanted to till them up, but they are still producing some pretty flowers. I hate to till them whenever they still have any flowers at all on them. Can you tell I love zinnias? My daughter put this bouquet together for me. She isn't as interested in flowers as she use to be. I think it is because she has done the flower thing so many times. However, I still try to coax her to help me because I believe that she will once again flourish in this area. (At least I hope so)! If I back off and let her make her own arrangements the way she wants with the colors she wants, she is more likely to want to do it. Then I try so very hard not to fix it for her when she isn't looking. I knew a lady that let her 3 kids decorate the Christmas tree. After they went to bed, she rearranged EVERYTHING. My kids are more observant than hers because my kids notice when I fix anything that they have done!

grace and peace,


Kel said...

Thanks Jules, now my kids know that it is me and not elves that rearrange the ornaments :O)

Hopie is so feminine, I'm sure she will someday again appreciate the love you have instilled in her for gardening, whether it be flowers or any other plants.

love you guys

TnFullQuiver said...

I am glad I could sound the alarm for your children!!

Marci said...

I think in the end, you will be remembered for letting them help and not for perfection. The children next door put out my fall decorations this year. It is not just how I would do it, but they love to come over and see what they helped to do. =)