Friday, September 26, 2008

Football Fun

This week is homecoming at our local high school. Each day the students dress according to the plan. Yesterday was twin day. My boys, who enjoy Scottish history, decided to wear kilts. Kilts aren't so bad, but when you pair them with long socks and black converses they aren't the best. Without the sashes that so many Scottish men wear, I thought my men children looked more like school girls. They had a lot of fun together.

So tonight we once again will be watching football. Here is a picture of our son (#2) enjoying a football game.

My Fridays are just about always the same during football season. I finish cleaning the house for the weekend, and I spend the rest of the day cooking a large meal. We never know for sure how many extra kids will end up at our home eating before the game. I think this is my favorite part about football. I love spending time with our kids and their friends. Then after a quick kitchen clean up, its off to the game we all go! How about you? What does your Friday look like?

grace and peace,



Mountain Mama said...

Cute! Go South Greene!

My Friday consists of getting the trash down to the road (1.5 mi) for pick up - the boys usually do this. Getting laundry done before the weekend. Making a trip to Costco and then getting ready for the weekend campers to arrive. Time to cook!!

Have a super duper weekend!

VoiceInTheWilderness said...

I just posted about our Friday earlier today.

I love the kilts, and that your boys can take being told they look like Girl Scouts and still smile.

Your house looks like a fun place.