Monday, September 29, 2008

He Would Have Rather Been Hunting

Have you ever had days that everything you go to do just doesn't turn out the way you planned? That was our farm evening. We have had an enormous amount of trouble keeping our little black cow in our fences this past week. She keeps getting in the road and every where in between. We knew we had to get her secure, and we wanted to start feeding her because she will become our meat in the next few months. Michael got the pen all ready for her. He needed to get a bale of hay to put in the pen with her. He went to start the tractor and we couldn't find the tractor key. 3rd son had used the key last, but couldn't remember where he put it. We spent the next hour looking for the key. I might add that we were all getting a bit stressed over the loss of the key. It has a huge red bandanna tied to it to make it easy to find. Finally 3rd son said, "I know I put it on Mom's round thing in the kitchen." I then remembered that I took all the junk off my pretty round thing and put it under the cabinet. Yes, the key was part of the junk! Michael went to start the tractor and the tractor wouldn't start. He told me to bring the black truck down to him so he could jump the tractor. I went to start the black truck and guess what... the battery went bad and it wouldn't start. Finally he brought down the suburban and used the jumper cables to start the tractor. He placed the bale of hay in the pen. It took awhile to get the cows that we wanted in the pen. Two of the cows went in the pen and we only wanted the one little black cow. In the end, we decided that we would just leave both black angus cows in the pen for now. It was easier than trying to keep the horses, the sheep, and the other 2 cows away from the hay!!
Some days everything seems to go like clock work. Other days nothing seems to go right on the farm. We ended our evening sitting on the deck with a cup of coffee making some farm plans. It was the kind of day that was easier talking about farming than actually doing the farming!
grace and peace,

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