Monday, September 24, 2007

Dancing with the English Mastiff

When my brother was in town a few months ago, he wanted to get a picture of how tall our mastiff really is. He wanted to send it to his step son who has always wanted an English Mastiff. What you need to know to really appreciate this picture, is that my brother is close to 6 1/2 ft tall! Missy sure enjoyed the playtime that he provided.
On another dog note...Missy went to the vet to get spayed. We had considered breeding her to sell her puppies. (English Mastiff puppies can be quite costly. Unless of course the breeder just wants to get RID OF any extra puppies and makes you a deal you can't refuse, as in the case with our acquiring an English Mastiff). We also found out to get a good stud dog would cost between $1800-$2000 up front!!! I quickly made a phone call to the vet because we weren't about to pay that much money to breed a dog! After being at the vet for surgery, Missy came home with a horrible hot spot on her back. She is allergic to fleas, and if she comes in contact with them she will chew herself up. My mom told me about a hot spot remedy that she saw in the DogWorld Magazine. I tried it, and it is working. She is much better now.
Hot Spot Remedy for Dogs
In a clean spray bottle use equal parts Original Listerine, Baby Oil, and Water. Shake well and spray the dog's hot spot often.
Simple and can't beat that!!
We had a nice weekend. When time permits, I will give updates on the pig pen, farm chores, and plants in the make shift greenhouse. We still need to extract honey. I am hoping that will be done in the next week.
grace and peace,

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