Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lizzie and Isabell

Here is a recent picture of our momma cow and her baby. This calf still isn't staying home very well. Michael has put much effort into securing our fences, but she always finds a way to escape to the neighbor's farm. She comes home when it is time to drink some milk. I am getting ready to order my supplies for milking so maybe we will be ready to milk soon.
Michael and I were talking with a couple that owned a dairy farm. Michael asked the wife if they drank the raw milk. She made an awful face and said "NO"! I found that to be odd. Many of the dairy farmers around here won't drink their own milk. That gave me food for thought. To be honest, I haven't met one dairy farmer that consumes his/her own farm's product. Of course, I haven't met every dairy farmer here in our county, but still I have chatted with quite a few of them. They look at us like we have 2 heads when we mention milking and DRINKING our own cow's milk.
grace and peace,


TNfarmgirl said...

When we were looking for our first cow, I visited every dairy farm that had Jerseys - probably 15 or more - and I asked the same question. NONE of them drink their own milk. After seeing some of the farm I can understand why :)

Dreamer said...

From what I hear about dairy farms I can understand why too. Still, with the cost of milk today, it surprises me. Especially since if its just the RAW factor that scares them they could always home pasteurize small batches without much trouble. Kudos to you for desiring to consume your own product and achieving one more step toward self-sufficiency.

TnFullQuiver said...

You both summed up what Michael had said about he wouldn't drink their milk either. then he described the conditions, and I would have to agree, I wouldn't want to drink their milk. I might never drink milk again until of course we get Lizzie milking for us!
grace and peace,