Saturday, September 01, 2007

Dove Hunting Tradition

As many of you know, today is opening day of Dove Season here in East Tenn. This day has become a tradition of sorts in our family. Michael loads the children up and heads to the local dove fields. Even our daughter participates in the hunt. She is too young to hunt, but that doesn't stop her from participating. If your under 10 in our home, then you are the designated retriever. (I think some families actually have a dog for this job, but our Mastiff wouldn't want to actually work for her dinner)! The other boys all have guns. Now this is a walk of faith for me. I know our children have had good gun safety drilled into their heads, but they are just kids. I choose to let Michael deal with all of this...I'll just stay home and can some more tomatoes. That should be safe enough!!! The kids and Dad look forward to this day so much. It is the beginning of fall in our home. Next on the agenda will be fall football games, evening bonfires, and planting fall gardens. I am ready for the change of season. Maybe today's dinner will be grilled dove breast wrapped in bacon, but just in case that doesn't work out I am putting on a pot of chili. Hunters are hungry even if they don't catch anything for dinner!!!!
grace and peace,

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