Monday, September 17, 2007

Many Hands Make Light Work

One of my favorite sayings is "Many Hands Make Light Work". I have raised our children by this motto. When people say "oh, you have so many kids", my response back is "Many hands make light work". I can see many people pondering this statement. This weekend we all pitched in and made quick work of the garden area. I took a few pictures of our eager helpers. Well, the Mastiff wasn't really helping do anything. She was just enjoying the shade from the Okra plants. I just liked the picture because at least she was behaving herself. When we all work together, it gives us time to visit with one another as well as teach and train. When there is a million and one weeds that need to be pulled, there is plenty of time for a little girl to share ALL that is in her thoughts while she is helping to pull all those weeds!! I probably have taught more Bible truths in the garden than anywhere else. The kids can actually see the lessons right before their very eyes. This makes for a great impact later on when they need to be reminded to pull the weeds in their own heart before they take root! The garden is my place of solitude, but it is also a place of fellowship for me. My kids would rather we fellowship elsewhere, but for the most part they are willing hands to help make the work a bit lighter.
grace and peace,


Haymaker said...

My favorite saying along those lines is, "Every mouth to feed comes with two hands to help."


TnFullQuiver said...

You may have just given me my new favorite saying!!! Thanks for sharing the quote.
grace and peace,

A Christian Thinker, or trying to be said...

Thanks for posting this about family and gardening, and "many hands make light work." I heard it mention in a radio drama, Adventures in Odyssey's "A Girl in the Sink" episode and had to pause and research it's biblical origin if any.