Friday, September 07, 2007

Honey Do List for the Weekend

I have spent a little bit of time planning our weekend work schedule. I find if we have a bit of a plan to work from, things generally go better. I am hoping that perhaps this will be the weekend to extract honey. He had mentioned that earlier this week so I added it to his "honey do list". I also want to empty the tomato beds if at all possible. I am sure I will be canning tomatoes or sauce or something red this weekend. I have run out of quart jars. I have never filled all of my quart jars before. I am amazed. I noticed the new bed of green beans are coming in now. We will probably pick green beans by the first of the week. I will have to purchase more quart jars for this event. I don't mind. Since it is the last of the canning season, I am hoping to find them on sale. Speaking of canning jars, TnFarmgirl turned me on to 1/2 gallon mason jars. I had never seen this size jars in the past. They are wonderful to have for many different uses. TnFarmgirl uses them to put her fresh milk in. We use them to store our honey in. I also use them to store our wheat berries, and homemade granola when I make it. These jars are somewhat hard to find so keep your eyes out for them. I will buy any extra that I can find because I use them that much. I also will be using these jars to store our milk when we start milking Lizzie. Just thought I would pass this information along. Hope you have a great weekend and good production of your time.
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