Saturday, September 15, 2007

Friday Night Football

Our oldest son played football last night. Michael and I went to watch the game, and I saw an awesome sight. Early on in the game, one of our players went down on the field. His best friend was under him, and the player on top did not get up. The player on top has had a horrible year chocked full of injuries. The player on the bottom was finally freed by the paramedics, but the player on top layed lifeless on the field. In high school football in our area, if a player gets hurt both teams goes to their sideline and everybody takes a knee. When the player on bottom came back to our sideline, he was crying hard. He called the entire football team to come together in a huddle formation to pray for our injured player. Our entire public high school football team made a huddle on the field on their knees with their arms on the next ones shoulders, and bowed to pray for their team mate. It was an awesome sight. The boy that was hurt was knocked unconscious. His nose was bleeding and his face mask was completely flattened by the impact. He was o.k., but of course he did not get to play the rest of the game, much to his disappointment. I truly wish I had a picture of that ball team praying for their teammate. I would love to frame it and hang it in our son's room. It was a wonderful moment in time watching our team cry out to God on behalf of a friend.
grace and peace,

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