Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Progress Being Made

The last few days have brought about unexpected farm progress. My husband decided to start the pig pen that we have wanted since July. He will complete it soon, and we should be getting pigs in the next week or two. I am very excited about this new event in on our farm.

I was out talking with Michael while he was wiring up the pig pen this evening. The weather is beautiful here, and it feels like fall may very well be in the air. On the way back to the house, I stopped in Michael's shop to water my plants. I saw the potting soil, and I decided it was a nice time to start repotting plants. I spent the next hour repotting plants while visiting with my hubby and children. I still have A LOT of broccoli plants left to repot, but I finished up the cauliflower and cabbage plants. Progress was made!

Tomorrow I will be back to canning. I probably have enough tomatoes to can, but I am wondering if I REALLY want to do that again. Our green beans are now coming in strong, and I know I will have at least a full canner of green beans to process. I need to rearrange my schedule so that I can spend a whole day in the kitchen to catch up on my canning, but I can't do that tomorrow.

Our neighbor also stopped by the other evening wanting to know if we wanted to purchase/trade cows. He heard we were looking for a beef cow, and he has one that will calf in the next 3 months. He offered us a good price, and now we will need to decide what we want to do. I'll keep you posted. I would be thrilled to add a beef cow to our farm!

grace and peace,

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