Friday, August 31, 2007

Future Farmers???

Perhaps you are looking at the future farmers of America. Our oldest son would disagree very quickly, but our youngest son would sign up for the job NOW (as long as a tractor was part of the job equipment)! I love to see our oldest and our youngest work together. Here are the two of them checking the chickens. Seth was proud to produce one of the two eggs that the chickens laid during the entire month of August.
grace and peace,


ChickenMama said...

I love to see my children working alongside each other also. Better than that- ALL of us working together on a project!

Our egg collections have been awful too. From 45 laying-age hens, we got ONE egg yesterday! This heat is just too much. I can't fill egg orders. I think we may have some egg-eating chickens that need to go in the stew pot, too.

Congrats on the stockpile of tomatoes! You'll sure appreciate those this winter.

TnFullQuiver said...

Thanks on the Congrats for the tomatoes.

I just pray our chickens will lay again soon. We are even feeding them layer rations, but to no avail. Our weather has cooled down a bit so I am hoping that this will help soon.
grace and peace,