Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Here is what our kitchen has looked like the last few weeks. Our oldest son announced that he was sick of smelling tomatoes cooking. I told him he would be happy this winter! It does seem that all my hands have been doing lately is canning tomatoes, tomato sauce, and relish. I am enjoying watching my pantry grow. I picked another bushel of tomatoes today. I will be reliving these pictures again tomorrow! There is something very rewarding about seeing the work of your hands displayed in quart and pint jars. After canning tomatoes, my kitchen always looks like a mass murder has taken place...the last picture doesn't quite capture the true view of the mess. Canning tomatoes is a messy job, but in the end it is worth the mess.
grace and peace,


Dreamer said...

That's very funny, I know what you mean about looking like a mass murder took place. And what you mean about the satisfied feeling seeing all those quarts and pints in the pantry. What in the world do you store in those little cubby holes next to the stove?

TnFullQuiver said...

My husband will not be happy with me for posting that picture because they are spice drawers that still need to be completed. The drawers are skinny and long. They will pull out to expose the spice jars. I plan on having a spice drawer for baking spices, and a spice drawer for Italian spices etc. He just hasn't had the time to complete them, but winter is coming and that is when our home remodeling gets the attention!