Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tueseday Tomatoes???

Lots of normal things going on around our little farm today, but nothing outstanding to report from here. I am busy cleaning, cooking, and YES I am still canning tomatoes!!! The harvest is starting to slow down a bit. I may even put my canner away and clean my entire stove top before the day comes to a close.
Our garden is winding down just a bit. We are still anxiously awaiting our first watermelon. Our cantaloupes are producing, but this year I wasn't thrilled with the variety we planted. I just plain old didn't like them. Michael says he likes them, but he isn't eating them very fast. I miss our Ambrosia Cantaloupes. In my opinion, they are the best thing going in the cantaloupe department. I didn't get any ambrosia seeds this year, but I will be putting it at the top of my seed order for next year. Our peppers are producing nicely now. I even froze some green, red, and orange peppers for winter use. I will have many more to freeze soon.
I had a revelation the other evening. I now know why God causes babies and children to cry and whine and have voices. If they did not make noise, I would have forgotten to feed them and water them!!! Yes, I planted a ton of broccoli, cabbage, onions, and cantaloupes in our basement "green house". Well, they didn't make any noise so I FORGOT about them. I was sure they would have dried up for lack of water, but God had mercy. I now have a reminder note to "Water Seeds" in my kitchen to help me remember. (I am not even old enough to have these issues in my life)!!!! The little plants look great, and I am very thankful to the Lord. God himself knows I didn't do anything to help them along any!
I still haven't harvested my flowers for drying, but I am wanting to do this sometime soon. Things have been busy here, and I just haven't taken time to do it yet. My son did bring something home with him Saturday evening while he and his friends were out fishing....and it wasn't a fish. I will tell you more about his BIG heart and what he dragged home soon. Until then...
grace and peace,

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