Saturday, August 25, 2007

Everlasting Flowers and Tomatoes!!

I have been reading a book that I found on my bookshelf called Everlastings. It had been given to me several years ago by a friend, but I didn't have any flowers at the time. I have so enjoyed this book. It is very detailed with gorgeous pictures. Come to find out the flowers in the picture above are a good flower to dry. I will be drying them today or sometime this week depending on time. I think we are going to get some rain next week so I really want to get this job done before the rain comes. In the book she also talks about drying wildflowers. I noticed in our fields that we have what looks like a wild version of purple statice. I am going to see how this dries. She even talked about drying out Queen Anne's Lace. I love that weed, and I use it in many of my arrangements. (We don't have allergies in our family)! She suggested using a screen to dry the Queen Anne's Lace. Place the head of the flower on the screen, and let the stem drape through the screen. Hang the screen up until the flowers dry. I'll let you know how this works. I want to take my husband and go flower hunting today in our woods.
Did I happen to mention that I am CANNING TOMATOES!!!! I think the harvest of the tomatoes are going to be everlasting! I know I am going to be thrilled come this winter, but I am starting to question my own sanity at this point in time. I spent last night preparing over 2 bushels of tomatoes that we picked from our garden, and there are still more tomatoes to pick. My new motto has become "LET THEM EAT TOMATOES" when anybody asks about what's for dinner!!!
grace and peace,

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