Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday Happenings

I have many things on my agenda today. Garden and yard clean up are at the top of my priority list. The only problem with this besides the heat is that I have to convince 6 other people in our household that these are the priorities for the day. I know my husband will be in agreement, but I am still unsure of the little people!
I seem to always carve out time on my Saturdays to play in the flowers. I posted one of my favorite pictures of our daughter that was taken several years ago. I caught her in a group of weeds. She was picking Queen Anne's Lace and making bouquets. (She is a girl after my own heart)! I have 3 flower arrangements that have to be redone today. I may stop by a craft store while I am in town today and pick up some foam for cut flowers. This way I can make a different kind of arrangement. I haven't done any of those types this year. I can guarantee that Hope will be right along side helping me.
I was informed last night that we will be attending the county fair this evening. I love the fair, but it is blazing hot here right now. I enjoy the fair when the evenings are a bit cooler. However, there is a strong man contest tonight that my husband and children want to watch. A good friend of ours puts this event on every year. If I get any great pictures, I will post them.
I don't think I have anything to can today. I may even put my canner back in the laundry room for a few days. During the major part of the canning season, my canner is a permanent fixture on our stove. It isn't the pretties item, but it sure is functional~I canned 7 pints of Salsa yesterday.
I best get off the computer and get started with this beautiful day that God has made. Hope you enjoy your Saturday wherever God has planted you.
grace and peace,


Paula said...

Nice post. Enjoyed the picture of your daughter picking flowers. Hope you were able to convince everyone to pitch in today!

TnFullQuiver said...

Everyone did help out, but our work day got cut short. Our older boys have a lawn mowing job down the road that needed to be done. My husband left to go there to help them do the job so we could leave for the fair on time. I still had a nice day>